FURYON + support [live review]

Furyon; Peacefully Screaming; Nest of Vipers
Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, 30/03/15

Edinburgh’s own Nest of Vipers open the evening, ripping through a set of relatively regulation hard rock numbers which are improved considerably by singer Hannah’s impressive vocals and admirable enthusiasm.  This motely looking bunch aren’t aiming to reinvent the wheel but then why bother when your tunes are catchy and good-time rock attitude infectious (7.5/10).

Though continuing with equal energy Peacefully Screaming take the evening on a slight detour offering a somewhat funky, somewhat groovy, bass-lead mix of songs.  Not overly offensive but hindered by an ever-increasing concern there’s about to be a nu-metal interlude…a suspicion reinforced by the frontman’s spasmodic dancing style – quite a feat to create the effect of a strobe light through sheer movement… (5/10).

Coming close to the end of their Lost Salvation tour in support of the recent album of the same name, Furyon are tight and deliver a strong performance deserving a lot more than the modest Monday night turn-out they’re met with.  Matt Mitchell’s voice fills the stage, room and no doubt beyond, perhaps more impressive in its quality and stamina live than on record.  Likewise his star-quality and matched amicability add much to the show, a combination which alongside their heavier brand of rock is likely to take Furyon father, if perhaps not far.  Maybe tellingly, to someone unfamiliar with their tracks there’s not anything that stands out in particular and a bit less ‘fury’ than the name would suggest; but, it’s loud and enjoyable nonetheless (7/10).


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