Disposable + support [live review]

Disposable; Kosmokrator; Servant Sun
Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, 11/04/15

The old adage of “it’ll get worse before it gets better” is never the summation you want to give of a gig, but if it wasn’t for Disposable’s electric set concluding the night this one could easily have been a tunnel of mediocrity with no light at end.

Allowed-up late at the weekend, young Glaswegians Servant Sun are first-up, foisting some emotionally-charged post-metalcore on the early onlookers.  Progressive inclinations are fused with the eager, if awkward, frontman’s notably diverse vocals but the sum of the parts is unfortunately less alternative metal and more awful metal.  No need for them to worry though, Kerrang! will be all over this in no time (5/10).

Defining themselves as “Scotland’s most inebriated melodic death metal band” (and later describing Servant Sun as “like a tech Alien Ant Farm” – shudder) Kosmokrator add some much needed heavy to proceedings.  Remarkably however this doesn’t improve things, mainly as a result of the vocalist’s insistence to position the mic so far from his gob the assortment of grunts/screams/growls are barely detectable in this, pretty standard, melodic death mix.  What he lacks in audibility however is at least replaced by a fascinating range of convulsing demonic facial expressions which, as the whole performance was recorded, you can enjoy here! (5/10).

Needless to say, for Disposable to do anything other than blow the preceding performances out the water would be a near impossible task.  In fact, had they simply blasted debut album At The Foot of The World (read me flailing over it here) over the speakers it would have still been the triumph of the night.  Instead though, the Edinburgh thrashers deliver an incendiary set, a maelstrom of rampant blast-beats, razor-sharp guitar solos and lashing, mile-long dreadlocks.  Frontman William’s youth-defying command of the stage is predictory of the band’s imminent ascension, completing the package of honed musicality and professional attitude that will see Disposable biting at the heels of Evile and co in no time (8.5/10).


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