Acid Witch + support [live review]

Acid Witch; Bonehunter; Live Burial
Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, 15/04/15

Proper horrorshow.

As in, PROPER horrorshow.  But really, could we expect any different from a line-up of gritty death à la Live Burial, Finland’s finest rejects Bonehunter and, of course, Acid ACTUAL Witch?
Newcastle gorefiends Live Burial kick things off, hammering through a grisly collection of old-school death numbers, which, though having an added speed live, lose none of the heavy, atmospheric quality present on the death classicists’ self-titled EP.  Think Asphyx, think Obituary, think chainsaw massacres, add Geordie accents and a (re)animated live show and you’ve got Live Burial (7.5/10).

Next up, Fin-lads Bonehunter take-over: sonically, visually and, probably if given half the chance, pissing all over any notions that Finland’s only good for folk, symphonic and drinking songs (or combinations thereof).  You could describe their sound as blackened thrash punk with a decisively raw, old-school edge, but really, with a song called “Devil Metal Punk” Bonehunter tell you all you need to know…(7.5/10).

Curfew issues preventing Acid Witch from performing the previous night in Liverpool, making this the Halloween-enthusiasts first UK appearance, adds an even further layer of anticipation to this evening’s witchtanic sermon.  The false-start has done nothing to quell the momentum of Acid Witch’s psychedelic, horror-inspired, doomy trip however, their grooving riffs and soundtrack electronics never-sounding better than in the gloom of Bannermann’s cave.  Hit after hallucinatory hit is rolled out: Witchfynder Finder, Evil, Swamp Spells, Trick or Treat, Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre, Witchblood Cult…but it’s with this song and introduction Acid Witch illustrate why they really are the true witches tits: “This is for everyone who had nothing better to do than read comic books…and to watch horror movies…This is for everyone that felt like an outcast in their town…This is Stoned to the Grave!”

The best worst trip ever (8/10).


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