BandcampBiweekly feat. Lucid Sins; Acid Goat; Goat Wizard

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Lucid Sins – Occultation

The aural equivalent of watching The Wicker Man with Jim Morrison maybe?
Phenomenal psychedelic, retro, rock though it may be, Occultation is so much lucidmore: relaxed yet dark; spacious yet stratified with riffs and guitar work which give the album a palpable rock groove; retro but encompassing an enigmatic appeal to acid/stoner rock, metal and doom fans equally.  It might be a bit much to ask for sun this summer, but maybe if the mysterious Scottish band could muster a live apparition the soundtrack to the season would at least be spot on…(8.5/10).

Highlight: The Witcher
Available at: (name your price)

Acid Goat – Acid Goat EP

While lusting over the Doom for the Doomed 2015 all-day gig poster, there was no-way I could notice a band called “Acid Goat” near the bottom and not immediately go and check them out – and thank the lords of all that is loud andacid goat slow I did: another riff-centric, UK act adding to the growing crop of high-reverb, high-quality stoner/doom.  Though it takes a couple listens to recognise and appreciate the layers of grim sound building the heavy drone, in a way, the EP is all the better for it with instrumental opener Demonstash a perfect example.  The cutting vocals in the following tracks add a further deranged quality, as do the nevrotic guitar solos – both of which are utilised to great, grisly effect on their warped closing cover of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall – Part 2 (7/10).

Highlight: Nosferatu
Available at: (name your price)

Goat Wizard – Goat Wizard EP

Further evidence to support the theory that the word ‘goat’ in the name increases a band’s likelihood of being good by at least 66.6%, Goat Wizard bring not only this wizpost’s second bovidaen instalment, but also another EP of rather excellent stoner metal.  Conversely, unlike the aforementioned, Goat Wizard occupy a far groovier, psychedelic space on the stoner spectrum, about a thousand guitar licks away from, and a tempo ahead of the alternative, heavy, droning, sludge extreme.  The clean vocals give their sound a bit more of a stoner rock feel, but the heavy riffs keep a cloven foot submerged in the doom trough, while making waves with their psychotropic solos.  For a stoner band the tracks are refreshingly concise, whetting the appetite rather than indulgently meandering – fingers-crossed for a full-length and maybe even a trip to the UK from these Pennsylvanian wizards soon! (8/10).

Highlight: Nosferatu (Yes, really, they too have a song called Nosferatu – I kid you not…)
Available at: ($6/£3.95)


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