BandcampBiweekly feat. Moss; Satan’s Hallow; Isak.

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Moss – Horrible Night

Urgh, that really is horrible.  Gloriously horrible.  Dank, oppressive and atmospheric, the only way Moss know how.  Unlike their earlier crushing mossatmospheric drone episodes, Horrible Night makes a shift towards a more classic low-fi doom sound, the greatest difference being in the introduction of Ozzy-like vocals, interrupted by momentary fits of menacing roars and, actually chillingly effective, um, coughing…  Perhaps fans of the earlier looming drone may not approve, but this is a progression I can fully get on-board with.  Evil-encrusted doom straight out the crypt, horrible in the best way possible (8/10).

Highlight: Horrible Nights
Available at: (name your price).

Satan’s Hallow – The Horror

Despite only forming in 2013 and making their debut assault with the two tracks on offer here, Bloodbath Fanzine’s Band O’ The Week Satan’s Hallow could easily satanhave slashed their way through space and time straight from the early 80s!  Absolutely nailing the sound, tone and energy of classic heavy metal, the spiking guitars and Mandy Martillo’s outstanding, unassailable vocals set Satan’s Hallow steps-ahead of the current, crowded crop of trad-metal bands.  The only horrific thing about The Horror?  It’s not a full-length. PLEASE let this be a taste of very imminent things to come! (8.5/10).
Highlight: both tracks.
Available at: (name your price).

Isak – Isak EP

Though probably leaning a bit closer to ‘desert rock’ than ‘stoner metal’ for my isakliking, Dundee’s Isak still have the driving, fuzzed-up riffs that’ll guarantee more than a few plays from me (and seemingly a considerable amount of desk headbanging).  With their mid-tempo grooves and far-away spacey vocals, Isak carve a much richer and warmer sound than their northerly latitude may have predisposed them to.  The songs aren’t particularly distinct, but the EP as a whole is grower, with the lengthier latter tracks hinting towards more of a promising psychedelic inclination.  Not mind bending or blowing quite yet, but looking forward to catching them live this week supporting psych-doomsters Alunah at Bannermann’s…(6.5/10).

Highlight: A Hard Pill to Swallow
Available at: (free download).


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