BandcampBiweekly feat. Cancerous Womb

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Cancerous Womb – Born of a Cancerous Womb

Now unless I’m really in the mood to smash my own head against the wall death metal isn’t really my subgenre of preference.  Besides the obligatory Morbid Angel albums in my collection, I tend to gravitate more to melodic death, if anything; so it’s with some surprise that Cancerous Womb’s debut full-length has managed to pile drive its way so far into my cranium.


Having read elsewhere that Born of a Cancerous Womb is simply a straight-up death metal onslaught, I would argue, does this record a bit of a disservice.  The groove of the lead riffs combined with the changeable guitar tempo adds another level to the sheer, delectable brutality.  Songs like the title track, opener Father’s Toy and Grind, Tear and Slice are prime, pounding examples, not only keeping the album interesting right ‘til the bloody end, but also setting the band apart, and well ahead of, the current conglomeration of promising UK death metal bands.

Ordinarily my gripe with this album would have been the omission of the lyrics from the CD insert; but in all honesty, for once I’m glad they have been excluded.  With tracks like “V.I.Paedophile,” “Menstrual Fryup” and the poetic “Torn from Gunt to Cunt” it’s pretty obvious that though musically Cancerous Womb may offer something extra, the lyrics really are full-on gory, gratuitous, gutter-level death metal ramblings.  What is plainly audible is pretty wince-inducing and what isn’t can remain so – hunting down the translations almost seems a bit like rubbernecking a car-crash.
A car-crash into a children’s hospital.
That’s also on fire.

More shocking than the lyrics though, is the ability of this album to barrel beyond the often monotonous brutality of modern death without adopting the more-technical-than-thou approach.  Even when no one’s head is on course with the wall, Born of a Cancerous Womb is easily pummelling its way to the top of my most played (8/10).

Highlight: Born of a Cancerous Womb
Available at: (£8/£5).

NB: If any American West Coasters feel like risking life and limb in the near future Cancerous Womb are about to embark on a US tour throughout June with Skinned and Logistic Slaughter
can tour 2


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