BandcampBiweekly feat. Black Pestilence

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Black Pestilence – Outsiders


Rabid Canadians Black Pestilence spew a gritty blackened punk blend while incorporating influences from other less likely niches of the black metal spectrum.  Though tracks like opener Cult Class and Sonic State are fevered black and punk hybrids, concentrating the speed, rawness and vitriol of both into fist pumping shrapnel attacks, tracks like Unseen Force and closer Voiceless Generation embrace more symphonic and electronic elements.  The former creates an enlarged sound, giving the track an element of epic its predecessors lack, while the latter could almost be a stripped-down Dimmu Borgir demo; but though the individual tracks work, they don’t quite sit logically alongside the simplistic, frenzied majority of the album.  Evidently Black Pestilence do both styles justice, and if they could concoct the perfect potion of both, then they’d really be on to something special…(6/10).

Highlight: Cult Class or Voiceless Generation
Available at: (CD: $10/£5.26/Download: $8/£4.21).


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