BandcampBiweekly feat. Nuke

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Nuke – Delta City [demo]
Dystopian Dogs, 2013

Detroit: between the fallout of industry, mass unemployment and consequent social malaise, it’s no surprise this fragmented urban landscape has spawned Nuke and their rapid, punk metal sound.  Delta City, the band’s first demo, released back in 2013, is a caustic statement, fast and raw but compounded by a melodic, thrash element.

nuke 2

This holds true across the six song release: Nuke (Me Baby) proceeds with a promisingly catchy riff and a taste of the shred flair that will become more apparent as the tracks go on.  The somewhat unexpectedly snarled delivery of the vocals adds a raw and acerbic edge, but soon becomes predictable as the pattern of scathing growl interjected with alarmingly piercing scream wavers little across the songs.

Delta City is a visceral introduction, and a fair addition to the mounting, unstable stack of metal-cum-punk-cum-excessive bpm releases.  But the formulaic nature of the tracks doesn’t allow for their enthusiasm to be quite memorable enough to propel Nuke to the front of the growing, unkempt punk metal mob (6/10).

Highlight: Nuke (Me Baby)
Available at: (Download: $6/£3.78).

NB, Delta City is/was also available on a limited run of 300 cassettes but according to their bandcamp these are sold out; HOWEVER, I found one on eBay for $5, should your collection demand a physical copy (shame about the $10 postage…)


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