BandcampBiweekly feat. Stone Cadaver

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Stone Cadaver – Stone Cadaver
Self-released, 2014

It may be the case that anything with the hint of a groove is getting slapped with the stoner tag at the moment, but Danish trio Stone Cadaver are dealing in something a bit different.  The pulsating riffs may evoke stoner, but their heavy crunch, mixed with a mounting sense of the malevolent, unabashedly throws the doom influence to the fore.   It’s stoner but colder – and as the name suggests – less desert…a lot more graveyard.

cadaverOpener Black Magick may be a slow burner but is portent to the undulating riffage that spills out the speakers for the duration of Stone Cadaver, and through second track Blasted Earth, before detouring into the fast lane for Straightwheeler, which provides a rollicking, Motörhead moment.  Final track, the wickedly entitled Blasphemous Revelry, Lechery & Sorcery veers back into heavier, doom territory, combining crushing menace with an inescapable compulsion to get the neck muscles moving.

For a debut release, Stone Cadaver have cultivated a sound that has a lot more to give.  Between the heavyweight, curvilinear riffs, the upfront, rowdy bass lines and undeniable devilish touch, Stone Cadaver is a both a satiating entity of itself, and also a tantalising suggesting of what the band will achieve over the space of a full length (7.5/10).

Highlight: Blasphemous Revelry, Lechery & Sorcery
Available at: (name your price).


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