BandcampBiweekly feat. Lord 13; Mist

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Lord 13 – 2013
Faster-louder (self-released), 2011

To say Lord 13 are one of Greece’s best assets doesn’t really say much for them at the moment.  To say they are one of the shiniest diamonds in the seemingly unending stoner desert scrub says a lot more.  Formed in 1999, Lord 13 have lordclearly spent plenty of time baking in the Mediterranean sun and perfecting that warm, fuzzy stoner sound complete with grooving, Southern-fried vocals hooks.  What second full-length, 2013 lacks in tantalising denomination, it makes up for in tasty riffs and the satisfying stability of quality throughout – bar the ‘jazz-flute’ closer.  As good as any stoner rock comes, with a few tracks pushing at great (Fire, Get You High, Keep on Riding), and with Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward adding his endorsement with guest vocals on Wicked Thing, 2013 may not be mind-blowing but is certainly recommended for stoner rock fans (7/10).

Highlight: Get You High
Available at: (name your price).

Mist – Demo
Self-released, 2013

Intricate, atmospheric, ethereal: Slovenia’s Mist are the spectral-personification of occult doom.  Heavy in terms of riffs and ambience but bestrewn with guitar leads mistcrisp enough to avoid disappearing into overly dark and suffocatingly dense doom.  Nina Spruk’s serpentine vocals add further wisps of light against the classic doom backdrop and while others may have criticised the percussion and production, the raw, sparse quality of both, arguably, add an authenticity which is often lacking in the rapidly expanding retro-occult domain.  Headbang to keep your blood from curdling (8.5/10).

NB: Mist’s debut EP Inan’ is now available from on CD and vinyl.

Highlight: Phobia
Available at: (name your price).


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