Well, well, well look whose come crawling over their keyboard back to the blog, eh?

Yep, I have been very naughty indeed.  Cursed reflektions could more accurately be described as ceased reflektions and apparently the biweeklies have abandoned the Gregorian calendar completely.

But if ever there was a good excuse for neglecting a metal blog here it is: I’ve been a bit busy upping-sticks and moving to Trondheim, Norway.

I mean really, does it get any more tr00, kvlt or altogether cool as that?  Nei, the answer is nei.

So, bear with me while I stop running around in the dead of night trying to find and convince Abbath to form Immortal 2.0 with me and check back for some long overdue nuggets of bandcamp gold and the increasing belated, and only slightly blurry, Bloodstock 2015 review.

Best wishes and happy, heavy listening from your pilgrimaging correspondent…

bilde 1                                      The new commute view.  Yes, really.


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