BandcampBiweekly (‘August 16’) feat. nightwitches; Accelerator

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

nightwitches – Nachthexen
Self-released, 2015

If you just can’t get enough of that falling-in-your-dreamswitches
feeling then nightwitches‘ debut is the E.P. for you.  Hypnotic fuzz, swathed in soporific, ghostly vocals characterise this Québécois doom two-piece.  First song Claws & Teeth undulates over seven trace-inducing minutes before the heavyweight Pale Grey jolts the senses back to bleak reality.  A heady and abstruse coupling of debut tracks (8/10).

Highlight: Claws & Teeth, Pale Grey
Available at:
(name your price).

Accelerator – When The World Turns Black E.P.
Self-released, 2015

You want your thrash fast, ferocious and square in the face?  Well here it is.  A accelittle bitta Kreator with a whole lotta Slayer, this debut EP from Long Island, NY’s Accelerator may not be paving any new ground but it certainly rams the rest off the beaten track.
Opening with a title track that’s straight down to business, the accusatory chorus imprints itself on the brain, as does the self-explanatory Thrash ‘Til Death and the, comparatively, mid-paced riffing of Killing Machine.  Neck-damaging thrash with the pedal to the floor (7/10).

Highlight: When The World Turns Black
Available at: (name your price).


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