BandcampBiweekly feat. Bathsheba; Warlok

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Bathsheba – The Sleepless Gods 10” E.P.
Svart, 2015

Faaaaaack, what is this?!
The doom riffs!  The malevolent licks!  Those sinister, yet siren vocals –
this is scarily good.  Occult, female fronted doom, hypnotic, but without the usual psychedelic bathtendencies.  Straight into the cave grim, no meander in the enchanted forest on the way.

This two-track EP follows last year’s tape-only demo, seeing the Belgian four-piece – made up of ex-members of SerpentCult, SardoniS and Death Penalty – already signed to Svart records and working on a full-length to be released in 2016.  The Sleepless Gods is a dark and foreboding precursor: uncanny doom craftsmanship, finished with a gloss of black magick (8/10).

Highlight: The Sleepless Gods; Daughter of the Oath
Available at: (Download: €3; Vinyl: €13).

Warlok – Summoning the Sickness Demo
Self-released, 2015

Need a pick-me up after all that doom and gloom?  Well here it is.

warOregon native Matthew Edwards conjures up a one-man steel-plated demo of classic, heavy metal, taking respite from his other solo-project, the black metal, Terra Deep.  Harmonic vocals, razor-sharp guitars and pulsating rhythm making Summoning the Sickness worthy of the 80’s hallmark.  Night Rider heads off at break neck-speed, before Summoning Sickness swaps speed for a monster chorus hook.  Final track Judgement Bell whipping the two together and providing the requisite “ohhh waaaaaaaAAAH” trad-high note.  Quality.

Highlight: Night Rider
Available at: (name your price).

NB, if you want the Yang to Warlok’s Ying then Terra Deep’s latest full-length ‘Part of This World, Part of Another’ will be released this month on Dusktone.


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