BandcampBiweeekly (‘August 30’) feat. Regulus

Quick-fire round-up of the last couple weeks’ best bandcamp investments…

Regulus – New E.P. and back-catalogue.

Steel City stoner rockers Regulus are carving canyons and whipping-up sandstorms once again with their latest self-titled E.P. following last year’s debut full-length, ‘Smoke;’ and with all their releases currently available ‘name-your-price’ on bandcamp, it seemed the ideal time to take a trip into the back-catalogue…

The End E.P.
Self-released, February 2013

The antithetically entitled debut E.P., ‘The End,’ begins with droning fuzz before the pins-and-needles static of Witch Hunt bursts into life and speeds-off, rough the endand fuzzy, like five o’clock shadow…except, it’s five a.m., you’re red around the eyes, and haven’t slept for days.

Throughout the E.P. the paranoid riffing and rumbling bass maintain both groove and pace.  The production is rugged, which works in their favour stylistically the majority of the time, but increasingly the vocals are slightly too blurred, nasal and distant, such as on Bloodclot, which is frustrating rather than conducive to the vibe, especially with such a good riff writhing behind (7.5/10).

Highlight: Witch Hunt

Titan Moon E.P.
Self-released, November 2013

Following late the same year, ‘Titan Moon,’ is in fact a ‘concept E.P.’
Given its titanlength it may be more of a concept anecdote than story, but the more psychedelic sound gives ‘Titan Moon’ the illusion of scope.
The three-track release begins with a welcoming riff and the return of the gravely vocals, with the improved production allowing their sound to stretch.  However the addition of keys expands it just a bit too far and the psychedelic vibe orbits without a lot of purpose (5.5/10).

Highlight: Departure (The Spiral’s Edge)

Self-released, October 2014

Full-length ‘Smoke’ reigns in the psychedelia somewhat, but the newer tracks – smokethe album is made up of six new tracks and four from ‘The End’ – retain a much blusier feel, balanced somewhat by the cranky fuzz of the older numbers.

Though initially not feeling the heavy blues of opener Big Business, by the end of the track I find myself inadvertently and aggressively table-drumming.  But despite that good sign, the album’s ability to penetrate the consciousness wavers inbetween the ballsier older tracks (6/10).

Highlight: Promised Land

Regulus E.P.
Self-released, August 2015

‘Regulus’ sees the band re-instating the rougher edge of ‘The End:’ gruff vocals
overlay driven, grooving and weighty riffs which combine meandering melody with regulusforward momentum.  The blusey, desert swagger remains, but is supported by beefy riffs, enabling the psychedelic climaxes to flourish rather than flounder.  Regulus, the track, encapsulates the sound the band have been melding through their previous releases: a momentous chorus, riding a grooving riff, completed with a barrelling finish.

You know you’re on to a winner when you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table, lips pursed doing the side-to-side head bob.  Fans of riffs and spliffs need to get on this, now (8/10)

Highlight: Regulus

All available at: to download at name-your-price rate; and CD copies of ‘Smoke’ for £8.

In sum, go check Regulus out.  I may only now have the first and latest E.P.s on rotation, but that in itself keeps me interested in where they’re headed next.  No doubt judging by the speed of output so far they’ve got plenty more up their magic sleeves, hopefully building on the honed sound ‘Regulus’ demonstrates.


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