Red Mountains + Rogue Planet
Sukkerhuset Scene, Trondheim, 16/10/15

red mHouston, we have volume.  Last minute local replacements Rogue Planet blast-off their  three-song, thirty minute plus set with a wave of doom so loud it’s no surprise the floor shakes with the Jupiterian weight of their stoner riffs.  Surrounded by a belt of fuzz, the band rumble through the rhythmic space-doom sounds of their recent demo as well as finishing with a new and equally colossal psych-tinted track.  This Rogue Planet’s re-entry into the live sonic-system can’t come round soon enough (7.5).

Back on solid ground, Red Mountains get off to an unnecessarily slow start, but after acclimatising to the calmative warmth of their supple riffs and commodious guitar interludes it becomes impossible not to be enveloped in the mesmeric bubble of their stoner melody.  Between the addicting choruses of just-released full-length ‘Down With The Sun’ the guitar work is captivating, re-instating the entrapping charm of tracks like Moral Panic and Six Hands.  Even before the lusty, overflowing finish in the form of stand-out track Sun, it’s fair to assert this is stoner-rock done right.  Captured by their own sound the band sway through their set, with guitarist Jostein Wigenstad making faces David Gilmour would be proud of.  An impressive confirmation of the potential this band and their debut have (7.5).


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