DYSTOPIA NÅ + support [live review]

Dystopia Nå; Vecordious; Violent X
Good Omens, Trondheim, 17/10/15

dysViolent X’s ability to blend thrash, death and average mid-decade metal is about as inspiring as their moniker, but their capacity to play a full-set while being seemingly devoid of any discernible songs is impressive.  Perhaps a bit harsh for the hopeful three-piece – it is still heavy and loud and that just about fits the requirement of a Saturday night after all (5.5).

Held in some amount of reverence locally, Trondheim’s Vecordious are met with excitement given the infrequency of the band’s live appearances, mainly due to their unstable line-up history.  Though their demo EP back in 2010 was met with enthusiasm, their blackened death doesn’t instantly seem to be anything out of the ordinary.  There’s nothing obviously detractable from their songs or performance, but it’s not exactly disappointing when their set ends swiftly as a result of their limited back catalogue (6.5).

Concluding the evening, Oslo’s Dystopia Nå are a far more interesting proposition: maintaining a compelling performance from the outset without the amateur dramatic techniques becoming common within the ‘experimental-depressive-black metal’ faction.  Similarly, the band rely less on the sampling and electronics, empathising their black metal elements more in the live setting, prompting a keen reaction from the audience, encouraged by the impassioned vocal deliver and accompanying performance from the band’s frontman.

So, next time life gives you lemons, and worse yet, you can’t find your Lifelover CDs in the ruins of your pitiful existence, give Dystopia Nå a go (7.5).


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